Single Mothers in India

Single Mothers


Like every morning I was checking my emails while travelling to the office and from I received a petition from a Single mother about how difficult it is to get a passport for her son. I signed the petition of course but then I have researched and landed up on many articles and communities where Single parents are suffering. Single mothers are may be unmarried, divorced or widow. In any of these cases, they have face lots of problems. Problems like School admission, or passport application or may be mingling with other kids and parents.


Today I am going to write about a lady who inspired me all of my life. She took some difficult decisions in her life and also faced the consequences but never failed and achieved what she wanted in her life.

So for everyone “it may be difficult but not impossible”


Ms Vidya Shelar

Vidya is Teacher by her profession. She takes home tuition for school and college going students. Vidya is the youngest sibling in her family. After all her sibling got settled in their life.  She decided to take responsibility of her mother. Due to her mother’s old age and health issue, she decided to quit her job and take care of her mother. She is always good with kids and because of youngest sibling, she has to take care of her nieces and nephews. She uses to help them in studies and that how she realised that she can teach well and thought of taking home tuition.

Due to her sweet and caring heart. She became popular in no time. She took a small room and near her house and started taking tuition. Because of her loving nature and bonding with small kids, she was already favourite in her area.

Single Parent

One day while she was taking a class she saw a small baby of 7/8 months old was playing near watchman’s cabin. A baby girl was so cute and once their eyes met baby smiled at her as if they know each other since a long time. Vidya took her in her arms. Later she came to know that Baby (Eshwari)is that watchman’s daughter. His wife also was working as a maid so watchman takes care of her.

Days passed by and bonding between Vidya and Eshwari was getting more strong. Vidya uses to get chocolates, clothes and toys for her. Eshwari uses to play around Vidya till she completes her class.


One day Vidya came to know that Eshwari is very ill. They immediately took her to doctor. A doctor said no vaccinations given to Eshwari which are important and necessary. When she asked Watchman he said they were in Nepal and in their village there is no such facilities. In all this time Eshwari was with Vidya like she is her real mother. Due to work, her mother has to leave Eshwari with Vidya and went back to work.


After discharge Vidya decided to take Eshwari at home as she requires nutritional food and proper rest. Eshwari’s parents have no problem as they know that they won’t be able to take care of two kids.


Vidya has to go through so many problems.Because she decided to stay single and adopt a girl.  Relatives started giving her advice. They didn’t support her decision completely. But Vidya was determined.  Sometimes relations are made in heaven. Vidya becomes Eshwari’s mom since then.


She has gone through many problems while taking admission in school but she passed all the hurdles and gave her love and affection to Eshwari. Eshwari’s parents are also happy as they know they wouldn’t be able to give this life to Eshwari,


Vidya has also convinced Eshwari’s parents to send her elder brother in school and helped him in studies. Today Eshwari is in the First year of colleges and her brother has passed HSC exams well as CPT exam.


I have known Vidya since last 10 years and I am happy that I know such a selfless woman. I have seen many students stay at her home if they want some time for themselves and parents trust her. Vidya not only helps them in studies but helps them in growing as better human being. Whenever I visit to Pune I always meet her.

Salute to All Single Parents

Even when Sushmita Sen adopted a girl she has to under go so many questions. While researching about it. I found one video from NDTV. Is an about a single parent in India. There was a lady who has adopted a girl. When Barkha Dutt asked her that why she wanted to adopt she could have just got married and have her own child. She gave a very good answer that it is not necessary to get married to become a mother.I am enough for her. A child needs Love and care and anyone can give that.

I hope all mothers get an inspiration from her. I just have requested to all those parents that never judge a single parent. Help their kids to mingle with your kids. Help those parent because they are driving this only with one wheel. If you support them they will get motivation.

I salute all single parents and promise them that I will be with them in always.





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