Sharing is Caring!!

Sharing is Caring-So Share Responsibilities

I have seen some mothers and wives complain that they have to manage everything on their own. as everyone thinks traditionally all women were handling all this so even now they have to handle this. Balance both the roles. I am not saying this about only working mothers. this problem is with housewives as well.  But I guess its time to change. Sharing is caring -so share responsibilities!!

A husband or a father is a dutiful man who strives for the endurance of the family. Being the head of the family, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of the entire family. There are situations when your patience and determination is tested. But you need to stand tall against all odds and emerge victoriously. Although your major role is to ensure the financial and physical safety of the family at times, they implicitly demand, more from you and as the man of the family, you need to deliver it resiliently.

You have your share of obligations and responsibilities, both as a father and a husband, and you need to fulfil them without any complaints. Providing your family with financial assistance is a high priority agenda on your list. Ensuring physical safety, medical care, fulfilling their wishes, looking after their growth and keeping them together are all part of your job. Besides these, you will have to sometimes help your wife by complimenting her work too.

Make her happy!!

husband cookingLike, if your wife is ill, then you can cook instead of her. You can obviously order from a restaurant but then it’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase your love and care for her. In fact, you can cook on holidays or on special occasions too, to make her happy. She surely will be head over heels when you cook and feed her by yourself. You can even clean the dishes afterwards and add a cherry to your icing. Women love men with cooking and other house help skills. This way, they are guaranteed support and free time during holidays.

You can also help them with the laundry and ironing of the clothes. It’s an easy task as most work is machine-oriented and automatic. You hardly have to sweat for work. You can also assist your wife with cleaning and dusting or go out to buy the groceries, these are simple tasks and you can effortlessly get such petty things done. All this additional help will allow you to spend extra quality time with your wife which in-turn will help you strengthen your relationship.

Father- A Super Hero for Kids

As a father, you can choose to babysit your kids, even if they are grown-ups. This is a great way to bond with your kids and get involved with them personally. Being with them will allow you to get an insight of their habits and happenings. You can get to know about their hobbies, their attitude, likes, dislikes and more. It’s a guaranteed return for investment job with great results.

This will also handle any communication gap between you and your kids and will lead to an open-minded an

Father and daughter

d free environment, wherein your children will freely share their thoughts and secrets with you. Always make it a point to take your family out for some fun time. Play with your kids, go trekking with them or visit a hill station. Being with your family will ensure closeness amongst all and they will enjoy each-others company rather than looking for outside comfort.

All these are small gestures, often ignored by many. But then all of it surely has a huge impact over the family bonding. The way you treat your wife and kids becomes the way of their lives. Always keep them and their choices ahead of yours, this will instil faith and pride amongst them. Make sure that your entire family is healthy, active and together. As they say, the best moments and experiences are always made together, and so it is.


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