Planning a Baby?

Planning a Baby?

A family is not complete without kids. After getting married, everyone wants to have their own children. But, I want to tell all the married couples to not be in a hurry. Having a child is your decision, so it is better if you take it. Do not plan kids because people are asking you to have one. Once you have kids, there is no coming back. You should be first ready to become a parent.

We live in a workaholic world, with both husband and wife working mostly in a full-time job. Before having a child, it is important to discuss whether you guys are ready to become a parent. How are you going to manage your time? Remember, it’s not only the Mother but also the Father who has to compromise in his career or may be in his work. The following are the factors you should consider and discuss before planning a baby:

  • Are you financially stable?

Pregnancy, delivery, then kids’ education, and many other things related to kids—the list is never ending. We cannot compromise on our children’s education or their needs as every parent wants to give the sun and the moon to their kids. Thus, you shouldn’t feel frustrated about the financial aspect later. I have heard from many parents that they work round the clock to give the best of the things to their children. But, trust me, your kids need YOU. So, plan your finances accordingly before you plan on having a baby.

  • Who is going to take care of the child when you resume your work?

This point is particularly for mothers because you can only concentrate on your job when your kid is in safe hands. So, while planning for a baby, decide who is going to take care of your child. I suggest you take a leave of 6 months post-delivery and be with your baby. Make sure the person who is going to look after your baby after you join your work is there with you during this period. This will make you relaxed, and you can concentrate on your job.

  • Paediatrician

Check with other mothers in your area about the paediatricians available in your area. I suggest going to a paediatrician who has comparatively fewer patients and who would talk to you when you go to him/her rather than just examining your child and then be asking his/her assistants to handle you. You should at least have a 30–45-minute chat with your paediatrician.

  • Schools

People may think that I am exaggerating by saying that you select a school while you are planning a baby. I am not saying you select a school before you plan a kid, but at least be aware of good schools in your area, their fees, etc. This will help you in your financial planning. My family used to laugh at me when I used to tell them that I will send my baby to Singhania School (one of the best schools in Thane). But then, because I always had this school in my mind, I had asked many people about the admission process, its fees, etc. Later, this came in handy when we were searching a school for my baby.

  • Parenting workshops:

Every parent should attend a parenting workshop. This is because the things have changed a lot now. Still, some stay in joint families where elder people are present to guide us, but we should learn something new. These parenting workshops give us a new perception towards parenting. They motivate us and make us independent. I am not denying that the tips we get from elder people at home are not good. We should definitely learn some home remedies and other stuff from them, but we should also try to be independent.

Books on Parenting: – This is your choice if you like to read but I would like to suggest some books which I read during my pregnancy. Read these if you are Planning Baby.

 This is one of the best books I have ever read. this book will help you in all stages. if you are planning baby, during pregnancy, post delivery till your baby becomes 5 years old.Every woman must have this book. Dr Balaji Tambe has really helped us with this book with detailed traditional ayurvedic tips during our journey. some good recipes and home made medicines are really helpful. I have read this book and I will definitely recommend this book.







  • We I know this book is Marathi and it’s not available in any other language but if you got a chance you must meet Dr Malti Karwarkar. She has given month wise diet for Pregnant lady also post pregnancy diet. If you get a chance you can meet her in her Mahim clinic she can help you further.




  • Another amazing book. This book is Bible. Right from planning till you baby becomes a teenager all the problems are covered in this book. Every parent can read this book for some guidance whenever they are facing any problems. Problems like a chronical disease with kids, psychological problems in the relationship between husband-wife or between kids or between siblings.






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