Working Mother- Performance Review

Performance Review of a Working Mother

Working Mothers :- Performance Review of Working Mothers shouldn’t only on the basis of their office work but also how she is managing this dual responsibility. Before start reading my blog I want you guys to check this amazing advertisement created by  Mullen Lowe, Boston, the USA for baby product brand Chicco.

Plot:- This is a story of a Mother who has resumed her job after her maternity leave. Her boss asked her whether she thinks that she is giving full attention and whats she has to say about her own performance. She is little scared and confused. then Boss says let’s ask some of your colleague and people you know. When she hears that her Seniors, Friends, family, co-workers are praising her. she feels very happy. I like the last line in the ad. “Being a mother isn’t the end of anything. It’s the start of everything.”

This is for all those mothers who left their child in creche or babysitting or with family and resume work. No one understands the dilemma in her mind.  Trust me no one likes it but its need. I know some companies who don’t have proper leave pattern for pregnant women or mothers. Because of this or maybe a lack of support or confidence makes so many mothers stay back at home. Leave their dreams and make this sacrifice. But for all those women I want to ask a question WHY?

Mary Kom didn’t leave her career when she gave a birth to twins. Then why we make our kids our weakness? They have to be our strength. I remember a dialogue from Mary Kom Movie where her coach tells her that she has twins that mean she has double power. Our kids are our strength no matter what problems you have to face don’t stop your career after you become a mother. Rather start your new era with this new bundle of joy.

A job is not the only option you have. If you cannot make any arrangements to go for a job, start something on your own. May be a small business, attend some courses which will help you to start something on your own. Join some communities which will help you to grow your business. Now with the internet, you have access to the world. Make full use of it and learn.

Here are some ideas which you can think of to start with:-

  1. Blogging:- If you have a knowledge about basic computer and social media. you can learn to blog through many online institutes and start your blog. you can monetize the blog eventually and become an affiliate of sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. It will help you to work as per your convenience.  The best thing is you can work when your baby is sleeping. It will help you to grow eventually and you can become a successful blogger.
  2. Chocolate making:- Chocolate making is a very easy course. It available on you tube as well as at many areas.  You can learn, experiments and then sell these through FB groups, Community forum. Nowadays on every occasion, people send chocolates to their loved ones and they can search you through FB communities.
  3.  Freelancing work:– There are sites like Fiverr, Upwork which helps you to get freelancing work. you can choose the work, time, pay etc.
  4. Private Tutor:- If you are good in teaching you can take home tuitions for kids who stay in nearby areas. you can teach may be subjects or if you are good in drawing/singing etc you can teach that too. also, you can take activity club for young kids who are same age of kids.
  5. Wholesale/Retail:-  Household products, Dress materials etc you can buy from a wholesaler and can sell through Facebook groups.  There are several active groups on Facebook.

Here are some self-made Working Mothers who didn’t sacrifice their dreams:-

Rohini Rokade- Founder, Design Thiz- Working Mother


Rohini design thiz

Rohini Rokade, Founder Design Thiz

After finishing Commercial art course from Raheja, Rohini has worked with many creative agencies and companies. But during her pregnancy Doctor suggested her not to travel. so she has to leave the job. She was lucky to get one good job after her delivery but then it was a late sitting job. one fine day she decided to quit and gave her full attention to her princess. as she was an important part of her life. But artist inside her is not allowing her to just sit back and do nothing. With lots of efforts, she started freelancing work with her old contacts. Because of her amazing work her friends initially helped her in getting small assignments and now she is running a small designing firm called Design Thiz.  Design Thiz helps you to design logos, corporate identity, Logo trademark, all types of brochures, leaflets etc.

Contact:- DesignThiz



Dipti Karandikar- Founder  Creten Aromas:- Working Mother

Dipti Karandikar Creten Aromas

Dipti Krandikar, Founder Creten Aromas

After graduation, Dipti started working as IT recruiter.She was working there for a long time. If she would have continued if she could be heading that department for now. But when she got pregnant, the travelling in Pune made her quit her job. Also later she decided to give all attention to her Baby Boy and sure she never regrets it! But What about her dreams? she wanted to do something in her life. Though her Son is her priority her dreams are also important to her. She decided to open a small business. While discussing this with her husband he suggested about Perfumes and Soaps related products as Dipti has very good taste in it. After giving a thought and discussing with friends with similar industry, now Dipti is successfully running Creten Aromas from last one year.

Contact no – 9130350132
E-mail –



Kenali Shah- Marketing Head-Thee Party Hat Xpress-Working Mother


Kenali- thee prty hat xpress

Kenali Shah, Marketing Head-Thee Party Hat Xpress

Before marriage Kenali was a choreographer. But after marriage due to family commitments, she has to change her career. But with same enthusiasm and energy, she accepted an offer by her friend Ms Brinda Sampat.  Brinda is Founder of  Thee Party Hat Xpress . TPHX deals in Kids gifting. It’s work plus creativity She was enjoying her work and God doubled her happiness by giving her good news that he is sending a bundle of joy to her house soon. But Due to complications, she has to take a bed rest for rest of her pregnancy. Still, she accepted the challenge and continue working from Home. Doing Social media management and rest of marketing things through the home and coordinating with the team. Now She is proud mother of months old son and still continuing her work from home.  Her son inspired her and now they have also started with Birthday Party Events.

Contact no – 9820733657
E-Mail –



Namrata Shinde-Founder Edesia-Bits of Heaven-Working Mother

Namrata shinde-Edesia-Working Mother

Namrata Shinde, Founder Edesia-Bits of Heaven

After done her graduation in Hotel Management from Dadar catering college, Namrata is been lucky to got an opportunity to work with international chefs. Her career is going great. Being fast learner Namrata didn’t leave this opportunity and learned to make delicious chocolates.  But same as all other mothers when she had a baby late workings/different shifts made her leave the job. But she didn’t stop there.  With help of family, she started making small gift hampers for all the occasions. She has started her own gifting ideas called Edesia-Bits of Heaven.  She has various gift hampers ideas for all type of occasions. And the best part is she made all those things herself. so there is a personal touch in all her products. Through Facebook and friends now she is sending these heavenly chocolates to all over India.

Email id –



I hope these all lovely mothers will inspire you.  Remeber  ” You only Fail when you Quit”.




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