Indoor Summer Activities Kids will Enjoy!!

It’s Summer Time- time for some Indoor summer activities.

Finally, exams are over… all kids are happy, teachers are relaxed but we mothers.. oh we are not supposed to relax. As now kids will be home 24X7 and we have to keep them busy. and as a good parent, we have to keep them away from the TV, Cell phones.

Sometimes I feel it was easy when we were kids. My mother uses to make pickles, papad and all sort of such stuff which need to make during summer and then we can enjoy them a full year. The best part is we could go to Granny’s house for a month. But now none of this is possible.

summer activities

So before the exam ends, we have already decided which indoor summer activities kids can do? which summer camps to join, or something extracurricular, like dance, swimming, drawing etc. Don’t you think its all tiring?? ask me. After doing all this still, my baby has some time left and at that time she asked me if she can watch “Youtube”. But then I know the addiction so I refused. While searching on Facebook business. I landed on “Explore Kids World”. I found to amazing so thought of sharing with you.

Indoor activities

Explore kids world ® in association with Explore education society brings you a pack of books which will take care of all the boredom that the kids face in the holidays. They are trying to make resources that suffice your needs the best part is they are trying to put books that are irrespective of any board/curriculum/ standard /age. They believe every child is different and has his/her learning page. They believe more than standard and age readiness of the child should be monitored. Some of our co-curated sets can help learn your child this holiday.

exlplore kids world

The best part I like about them when I receive the package. There are some notebooks which were hand bound. It made me remember my school days when at the end of the year we use to tear the blank pages from notebooks and bind it and then we used to use them as rough book or book to improve handwriting during summers.

In this modern world, I don’t know how much best we can give to our child which we have experienced during our childhood. but I guess companies like Explore Kids world, Flintobox, Magic Crate, Small Brwon box, Wonderboxx, Crafty Chimp, Podsquad etc are helping us.

indoor summer activities kids

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