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Importance of Physical Activities

How important a study for your child? How important are sports for your child?

One might respond with a similar answer for both the questions but, how often do you ask your child to study and how often to play?

Considering the current scenario in our country, every parent is aware of the significance of sports in one’s life, or health and fitness in a deeper sense, but there are only few who take steps towards it.

Well said by Billie Jean King, “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life.”

Now is the time to change our perspective towards it, to view sports as one of the fundamentals in life, to actually consider it as powerful as academic expertise and it is necessary to value physical activity and mental health.

The dilemma about what’s best for my child

Diving in the pool of ‘best-for-my-child’, parents often land in a dilemma with too many

physical activitychoices to tackle. Similar is the case while choosing sports. Sports and physical activity being the primary element of development, it’s important to select wisely at initial stages itself. Talking about basics, GYMNASTICS being the foundation of all sports brings the best out of your child.

Gymnastics is one such sport which acts as a backbone for all other. With enormous benefits like building raw physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance and even disease prevention, gymnastics is known for the overall development and providing long time results

Starting at the childhood level, GymEnjoy’s Joynastics (Recreational gymnastics) initiative has the best set of programs for children between 3-8yrs old.

Goal of Joynastics

healthy body healthy mind

The goal of Joynastics is to develop basic motor skills, sports specific physical & neuromuscular prerequisites, essential in every child through gymnastics during the development phase.

Joynastics is a unique development program designed to focus on

  • upgrading every child to the benchmark of physical ability by way of training in various discipline of gymnastics, Mallkhamb, Yogasanas, as well as Mind training by way of using tools such as brain sync exercise right brain games, NLP for sports.
  • To create a disciplined schedule of training assessments, Analytical parameters of various fitness assessments, gymnastics assessments, Anthropometric measurements, Orientation on Diet & Nutrition and sports psychology at regular intervals for continual improvement.
  • Joynastics brings the unique benefit of building not just the physical ability but life skills as well as brings confidence in every child which is the need of life.

With a variety of activities and techniques, GymEnjoy’s Joynastics makes sure that a child goes through overall development and maintains similar strength in elder age as well. Gymnastics is the pioneer for all other sports and games and continues to rule with the best outcome. Let us guide your child towards a path of building a fit, healthier and happier life.

Allow your child to enjoy the power of Joynastics!

Vivek Shinde founder Gymenjoy


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