Becoming Parent is a Blessing

Becoming Mother is a Blessing

Being mother is blessing

Hello Friends,

I have started this blog to share my experiences as a mother with other mothers and to-be mothers. I have a 3.9-year-old daughter. She has taught me so many things right from when she was growing in my womb. Thankfully, I never experienced nausea when I was pregnant. But, several other things came along with the progression of my pregnancy. The most important part is that she taught me how to care for someone without seeing them.

We still vividly remember my first sonography report. During the scan, the doctor showed me her in my womb, and I could see her beating heart. It was an amazing and a truly beautiful feeling. I used to take care of my diet and exercise regularly. I would take all my medication on time without fail. During my pregnancy, the goal of life was to maintain the health of my baby who was literally growing inside me. Whenever I had an appointment with the doctor, all I wanted to hear from him was “Yes, everything is well; the baby is doing good.” One of the most memorable parts is my anomaly scan. I and my husband both were waiting to hear from the doctor, and when she said “Everything is okay,” I wanted to do a happy dance.

Special Feeling

My whole life revolves around my daughter. After she was born, I felt like I am on the top of the world. I promised myself that I will give her everything she wants. I started reading books, articles, blogs, and everything I could lay my hands on because I have promised her that I will give her the best life and try to be the best MOM.

I want to help all the moms and dads who are seeking help during this phase of their life. I would share all the different strategies that I tried and their results. I would also provide some tips that would help you in the upbringing of your child. I do not claim to be a master, but I would share my mistakes, so you won’t repeat the same.

I will also write about the issues that are constantly in our mind, but we somehow ignore it when we are pregnant or when we become a mother (e.g., topics like depression).

In my upcoming articles, I will definitely share some valuable experiences and learnings that I have gained from my journey thus far.

So, stay tuned for more articles.


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