Balancing Work and Motherhood

Balancing Work and Motherhood

On one fine Monday, my alarm ditched me and I woke up late. I had to cook breakfast and lunch for me, my husband, and my daughter. I was already late by half an hour. Moreover, my daughter started crying as she didn’t want to go to school. So, I was angry at her. My husband works on the night shift, hence was fast asleep. In a crying state, I picked my daughter up with her school bag and breakfast and ran to drop her at the day care.

I dropped her at the day care without feeling guilty as she was crying. Then, I rushed to catch a taxi to reach the railway station. Meanwhile, I just checked my phone and saw a message from the school that we had to send some things with my daughter for a project. I cursed in my mind but told the taxi driver to take a U-turn and stopped at a shop, bought the required things, and gave them at the day care.

When I reached the railway station, but the trains were late and the platform was very crowded.  I used some ninja techniques and got into the train and finally reached the office in one piece. It was a big achievement. When I reached the office, my boss welcomed me with an angry face. He asked for several reports, presentations, and plans, which I had already completed. Still, he kept pointing out some silly things to piss me off.

At 11:30 am, he asked me about my appointments. I informed him about the meetings and hurried from the office to catch a taxi again for a client meeting. I was supposed to attend 4 client meetings that day. After completing 2 meetings, I was feeling a little dizzy. That time, I realised I had skipped my breakfast and the lunch time was about to get over. I reached the client’s place for my third meeting.


The client is actually my friend. When I called her from the reception, she came immediately. We greeted each other and she said, “Hey Shillpa, you had lunch?” I really felt like hugging her and crying my heart out. No one expresses such concern nowadays. I wasn’t able to trust my voice, so I just shook my head negatively. She took my hand and dragged me to the nearest restaurant. We placed our order and were waiting for the food to come. I took that time to notice her.

She was wearing a beautiful dress, her hair was done nicely and tucked in a clip, and her nails were manicured and painted. When I saw my reflection in the glass top of a table, I felt embarrassed. My hair was pulled into a ponytail. I hadn’t applied lipstick, and my face was a bit oily. I took a tissue paper and tried to blot some oil off my face to look presentable.

My friend noticed my discomfort and warmly smiled at me. She said, “It’s okay Shillpa, you are looking good.” I smiled awkwardly. Finally, our food came, and we finished it in time.

After we finished our business talk, I finally asked her, “How do you manage to be this energetic always after house/kids/boss? Are they really so nice?”

She laughed and said, “Everyone will be nice to you if you will be nice to yourself.”

Then I realized the entire thing. I had never been nice to myself, and I had never respected myself. Then, how can I get respect from other people? I skipped the last meeting and went straight to a spa. I relaxed and plotted a plan to simplify my life. My plan was as follows:

I call it my plan because it is my life and so my rules

  1. I have employed a maid for normal household work and for helping me in preparing the dinner. In case if the maid is on leave, I ask my husband to share the household work with me.
  2. I met my daughter’s school teacher and told her to give me a monthly plan in advance.  Planner about the things to be sent with my daughter to school. Every Saturday, we buy the required things from the shop, and I help my daughter to keep everything neatly in the bag.
  3. Every Saturday, I either go to a spa, movie or anywhere with my family and/or friends.
  4. I try to finish my work during office hours. I don’t bring work at home, so I don’t have to be awake the whole night and then get up late in the morning. If my boss wants me to take some work at home, then I take the permission to come late to the office the next day.
  5. I dedicate some time for my hobbies, such as reading a book and learning guitar.
  6. I plan what to wear for the entire following week on Sunday. So, I don’t have to make any last minute decisions.
  7. I have joined Zumba to keep me fit and energetic.

I hope these points would help you in making your own plan.

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Balancing work & motherhood





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