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Hello and Thank You for stopping by my blog.

I am Shillpa Gajendra Panndeshwar. Just like you, I am a working mother. I came across the field of blogging as a part of my job when I started to learn about Digital Marketing. While pondering on the topic for starting a blog, one of my friend who was pregnant at that time called me and discussed some issue she was facing. I solved her problem, and she was quite satisfied and happy with my answers. At that time, it clicked me why not start a blog on parenting. Numerous parents encounter difficulties on a regular basis and need help or guidance from someone. Most of the times, we turn to our parents or in-laws for help. But, because of the existing generation gap, they mostly suggest traditional methods. Nowadays, because of our fast-paced lifestyle, we sometimes may or may not try out some modifications or the suggestions our elders give us.

I have a 4-year-old daughter. I do a full-time job in the marketing field and also work on this blog simultaneously. Becoming a mother and father is a beautiful experience. But, in the journey of parenthood, raising a well-rounded child and balancing work and family can become challenging. During my pregnancy and motherhood, I have read many books to find solutions for my questions, and I regularly implement those in my daily life. I believe this blog would be a perfect platform to share my knowledge regarding parenting with my friends and other parents.

I hope this blog will help you in the journey of parenthood.

Happy Parenting!

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