5 Tips to Entertain your Wedding Guests

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Wedding is a one-time event in your life and you should make it memorable and cherish the moments at their best. People who get second and third marriages can never repeat the fun that they had had on their first marriage. Because most of the second and third marriages are settled through matrimonial websites in India. So make sure that you are planning the day with great care. It is a happy event and happiness becomes double when we share it with our loved ones that is why we call our guests to enjoy the wedding with us. More guests mean you need more to cater to their needs. It is a very necessary thing to entertain your guests in a pleasant way because they are the ones who are attending your marriage to make you feel happier.

Below we are going to discuss 5 tips on how you can entertain your guests to make sure that they go with a light heart after your wedding is over.

Comfort for the guests:Decoraation

The most important thing, in any event, is the level of comfort. In a matrimony wedding, the guests should be most comfortable and you can achieve this by properly managing the event. If you are getting married in summers then this would be a very bad idea to arrange the reception outdoors because making your guests uncomfortable would ruin your celebration and there would be no fun element left in the occasion. If you are planning to make the arrangements at night, even then it would be a bad idea to organize it outside because there would be mosquitoes and your guests won’t like that in any way. Try to make your no. 1 priority at your reception: your guests’ comfort.

Do not delay the event for unnecessary reasons:

Another discomfort for the guests is when you do not complete the tasks on a timely basis. This disturbs the guests who are punctual and cannot afford to stay late at night just because of your mismanaged plans. If you want to make everyone happy, stick to your plan and try to complete all the rituals on a timely basis.

What about the food?


Food is one of the main things in a wedding reception. This should be once in a lifetime event and you should not restrain yourself from spending money to entertain your guests in a better way. You should hire quality cooks and the caterers should be experts to deal with large gatherings. There should be no shortage of food and everyone should go home satisfied. Your family members should take care of this thing and should ask the guests to have food if they see anyone hesitating.


If not restricted in your area, you can celebrate your wedding with a nice firework art. These are the things that guests are anticipating at a wedding function and this firework thing would definitely entertain them in a nice way!

Dance floor:

wedding photos

Do not make your guests wait a lot for the dance to begin. Get it started on a timely basis because this is another opportunity for the guests to enjoy the reception. You can add a dance theme to make your party even more vibrant.

Is it a Daytime Wedding Formal?

The wedding can be as formal as you want in India. The time of day does not have much to do with that, although there are many people who only drink tea/soda in the evening and not during the day. The clothing that guests wear in the evenings is often different than during the day.

What do you wear for a daytime wedding?

Wedding couples who celebrate their wedding during the day and guests who attend often opt for a light-hearted outfit. Slightly less formal than usual. A nice sharara, gharara, a cocktail/maxi dress can be a good option but a versatile outfit is often chosen that you could simply wear ‘just like that’.

WEdding attire

What does the evening of the wedding look like?

A wedding during the day means that there is no party in the evening. So there is no obligation to entertain your guests in the evening, but perhaps you can make a few suggestions for those who linger on the weekend. Think of a nice club, good restaurants or the best cinema. After the wedding, the wedding couple can go in all directions; book an exciting trip, go to a candlelight dinner. It will be more special.


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